Roy Trembath Log Home Building Course

A little bit of background on Roy Trembath
Who I am

I have worked internationally for 20 years on a wide variety of construction and engineering projects. I feel it is time to give other people the benefit of my experience. I have been involved in almost all types of construction and as such can say for sure that this is the strongest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to construct a building.
This method of constructing Log Homes fulfills all the criteria which I set for myself in the construction of my personal family home, that being Environmentally sustainable, very economical (mortgage free) and very low maintenance
I was originally taught log home building by Skip Ellsworth of the North American Log Home Builders Association near Monroe in Washington state USA. Skip had a true pioneer spirit, with a very practical and workable viewpoint on almost all aspects of life. I remain a lifetime member of the Association.

Roy standing next to a tree stump
I am a completely hands on operator, doing the planning, harvesting and construction of all my projects, from beginning to end.
I enjoy a challenge, in fact I believe that we grow within ourselves if we take on challenges.
I have written many articles on the technical and practical aspects of log home building, lumber processing, finance, furniture, carpentry, etc. all based on my personal experience.
I do not teach anything which will not stand up to close analysis and scrutiny (and hurricanes, earthquakes, etc).
I feel that if a student actually sees how things are done and built and understands the principles, then I have achieved my goal, anything less would be a waste of everybody's time.
My personal log home in Wilderness, South Africa, is used to hold the course, where almost every aspect of butt and pass log home building can be visually seen and demonstrated to students. I believe it is vital for students to learn the full process before attempting their own project. This will prove to be money well spent, as students leave with all the knowledge required to construct their own home.
Everything that I teach has been personally tried and tested, completely hands on.
I believe that building or buying a house is probably the largest financial undertaking that most people make during their life, and as such it is a decision not to be taken lightly, therefore I undertake to only teach that which I have personal experience with and know to be a proven fact.

Roy Trembath.

South African Log Home Builders Association
Teaching people to build their own quality mortgage free log homes.